Mystery Skype session.

Today we did a mystery Skype challenge with Steve Sherman from Cape town in Africa.  When we arrived in class we were told that we were to go onto Google maps we first had to get the Skype call.

The Mystery Skype challenge was for us to locate where he was from at the time we didn’t know what country or town he was from we where told a starter clue and a few during the Skype session. We had to ask questions that could only be answered with a yes or no. It took us about 17 minutes for us to find out his country and town.


Read aloud day, Skype link up

We (yr. 9-10) are paticipating in read aloud day by connecting on skype with a few younger students in the Tipperary Station school in the northern territory in Australia. We had to pair up with a student in our class to pick and read a book, so far we have found a book to read to the younger students our group chose Varmints Helen Ward & Marc Craste.


We have recently read to them now and we also did this over skype this was good becuase the kids on the other side were really quiet whilst listening and were really polite, They also read to our whole class they read click clack moo, cows that type to us.

moo one[1]students listening.jpgd

Funny Faces

funny faces

In our I.C.T class we had to do funny faces first we went to a clear powerpoint slide and drew a cirlcle with the shape tools then we changed the background to whatever we wanted. We snipped it with the snipp tool and saved it as a jpg. After that we went to a website called Pizap and went to esit photo we edited the photot how ever we wished making our circle into a funny face. After finishing three faces we went into a program on the computer called irfanview we went to image and created a panorama with our three funny faces.

CD cover

hd was copy     How I did this:

We went to wikipedia and went to the sidebar and looked¬†for¬†random article we clicked it and the first article that came up was thr name of the band I got heart’s desire for my first article.

We went to a quatition website next and went to the link random quotes we looked through the qoutes that were given and i picked a few words from the last three letters of the quote which was with a soul.

For the last one we went to a website which we were aloud to us the photos from with out breaking the copyright policy.

After we chose the photos we wanted i inserted the photo into       photoshop and edited it a bit adding the name also of the band and album to the photo.

This is the end result i got.

Photo Credit


Skyping with Siberia, Russia

Recently a group of students from our school from numerous age groups participated in a video conference with as few students from Siberia in Russia we showed them a few of our hobbies and sports in Australia including Cricket ( we showed them the cricket bat) and Afl ( AFL ball).We also talked about our subjects to see the difference between the schools in both countries sharing photos and objects the weather was also a big difference as they had cold weather and we had rather hot weather some where in the 30 degrees c. They also sung happy birthday to two of the students in our group that had the same birth date in Russian. They also told us some of their favourite sports like basketball and Volleyball. They also shared with us their school uniform it was more classical than ours and we also shared our uniform with them also which was rather different from theirs.

I did enjoy the conference as it gave us a chance to learn more about Russia and about other students that live there also it was rather intresting to compare and share things about our countries and our schools and basically about our hobbies and lifestyles.

I would still like to know whether they speak english as a second language or if it is a first or further language that they learn?Fotor021015236