Skyping with Siberia, Russia

Recently a group of students from our school from numerous age groups participated in a video conference with as few students from Siberia in Russia we showed them a few of our hobbies and sports in Australia including Cricket ( we showed them the cricket bat) and Afl ( AFL ball).We also talked about our subjects to see the difference between the schools in both countries sharing photos and objects the weather was also a big difference as they had cold weather and we had rather hot weather some where in the 30 degrees c. They also sung happy birthday to two of the students in our group that had the same birth date in Russian. They also told us some of their favourite sports like basketball and Volleyball. They also shared with us their school uniform it was more classical than ours and we also shared our uniform with them also which was rather different from theirs.

I did enjoy the conference as it gave us a chance to learn more about Russia and about other students that live there also it was rather intresting to compare and share things about our countries and our schools and basically about our hobbies and lifestyles.

I would still like to know whether they speak english as a second language or if it is a first or further language that they learn?Fotor021015236


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