World War Uniform

These are world war medals that we had to research in I.C.T to find out their names. It took a while to find them but after you found one it was rather simple. These medals were from a person in the Austrlian, New Zealand Army and we did this because ANZAC day is coming up.


1. 1939-45 Star

2. Pacific Star

3. War medal 1939-1945

4. The Service Australian medal




Advance Canoe Camp

Canoe Camp

                        On Tuesday the 19th of March we got ready to go to Nelson for the canoe camp. We got all the stuff packed which was rather fast and easy we also had to make sure we had all the personal medical equipment before we left.  The drive was rather long but it was good because we got to talk to everyone. When we got there we got straight on the water we had lunch and left we pick our own partners I was with Helen first and we got the orange canoe at first it was rather hard to navigate so we could raft up. We got to canoe for a fair while before we had to raft up again to swap partners I got to go with Sophie second walking across the canoes I walked from mine across the kayak and landed in Sophie’s canoe I hurt my knee landing but it was ok. We kept on going until we reached a stop were we swapped for the last time and I went with Cody.

The canoeing was good but then the putting up the tents was a bit awkward sometimes holding everything in place. When we got the trangias ready with cooking we forgot the oil so the bacon was a bit odd and we didn’t eat much of it then me and Darcy decided to give it to the teachers the next thing we cooked was macaroni cheese half way through cooking the flame went out because the fuel ran out we had to get more and re light it. The macaroni cheese was ready but the sauce was really runny. That night we got to go to the night walk it was pretty good we saw an echidna it was on the side of the path and quiet cute. That night was quite cold at first it was fine but I woke up many times from it being cold in the end I put on a hoodie and went to sleep.

When we woke up we had to get breakfast which consisted of noodles and many other things that different groups cooked. We had to get all our tents packed up which was annoying because they were still wet. After we picked more partner I was with Elektra for the first length of the day we got in a yellow canoe and left it was rather easy but we had to raft up a couple of times. At the stop we had lunch which was good I had one sandwich with ham lettuce and tomato. We had to pick new partners I went with Jobe. We were rather fast in our canoe so we decided to have races and go through obstacles like trees and fallen branches. Me and Jobe arrived first after Mr Jarrad we had to get all our stuff and we had to re put up our tents which was faster this time as we had already done it before. We also got to go swimming with our life jackets which got Alex, Mrs Xzing and Kaylee thrown in. I got in and it was freezing but it got warmer after a while and then got changed. Me, Sophie, Jobe and Sam had to chop all the onions which wasn’t as bad as I thought then we had hamburgers for tea. The walk that night was meant to be half an hour but it ended up way longer and we saw a scorpion later that night we were very tired and we went to sleep. Later that night there was horrible snoring and then a storm that consisted of wing lightning and thunder. Which kept most of us awake for the rest of the morning.

The next morning I had fruit salad for breakfast and we packed up and left early there was no sign of storm I was in a yellow canoe with Sam when the storm came we rafted up and the rain got very heavy and cold the worst part was when the lightning and thunder came. It was horrible but we kept canoeing so that we could get out of the water faster. When we cleaned the canoe and got in warm clothes we were finally allowed to leave. We had a rather long buss drive home and got Mc Donalds on the way. I was glad to be back by the end of that day as we had had a rather long camp and I was happy to get home. We uploaded the photos as soon as we got to school and then by the time we finished the bell rang which meant that I could finally go home.




these are some emails that we had to write comments about in I.C.T

.The first thing that it was in Chinese characters.

. It had an unknown user.(They didn’t identify themselves)

. The message was in English as the header was in Chinese.

.Strange message to write to somebody you didn’t know.

. The logo and signature is missing.

. Another thing wrong with it is that is has an attachment you have to download to do the ‘survey’ which suggests it could be a virus.

. It didn’t say anything about your name or any details you’d think would be in your email from something as important as the bank.