1st Semester highlights

My highlights of first semester is RIST, Taste of Dairy and a few other excutions. Rist was a great coarse we got to learn about dieses a sheep could get, the jobs in the sheep industries and how to shear a sheep, class the wool and how they auction or sell the wool. The first thing we did at Rist was to introduce ourselves to all the other students and instructures in the program. We got put into groups with other schools and rotated around different activities shearing, wool classing, and learning about the parts of the fleece and the microns in the wool. I had shearing first which was one of the things i was intrested to try we got told how to use the shearing tool and how to hold the sheep probally before we shaur. I was happy with how i shaur the sheep as i didn’t seem to cut the skin but i still left a little layer of wool that the instructor had to sheer. Wool classing was easyier then sheering but throwing the wool was the hardest part of wool classing we had to learn how to pick up the fleece after it had been sheered it was easy to pick up but we had to throw it on the fleece table and then tear off the unneeded fleece like the shanks that were covered in grass seeds which aren’t needed. Naming the areas in the fleece were quite easy and understanding the microns was easy as the lower the micron the higher quility the wool we went to a muesum in melbourne that helped us learn how to the wool industrie started and the machines used of coarse at the start we learn’t all the ocupatinol health and saftey issues we also learn’t about the autions on that day we learn’t how it is packaged tested and how the auction worked we also had our own minnie auction the next day. Another highlight would be the Taste of dairy we learn’t about the dairy industrie and got to travel to different farms to see the operration of the dairys also we got to see the calfs and learn about the dieses and health aspects of the cattle. Advanced camps were good the canoe camp was pretty good exept for the storm that would be one of the only down falls of the camp. The Career day we had this semester was good we got to try three different ones Visual Communication, Agriculture and Hospitality the best one out of that day was hopstiality. That was what i think were my highlights of the semester.

Apollo bay camp review

The camp was overall good the bus ride took a few hours to get there but we got there pretty quick first we went to the Otway fly tree walk at first we were on the ground and we saw statues of dinosaurs and it was rather good we had a guide that was telling us information throughout the walk we walked across high metal bridges above the understorey we had learnt a lot on the walk and we went on a tall tower with stairs swirling up it. When we got to Apollo bay we stayed at the YHA (Youth Hostile Australia) we got our bed room keys and went on the beach it was nice in the morning after breakfast we went to start the activities we meet the Apollo bay students and our first activate was fishing we saw sting rays, puffer fish and other different species we didn’t catch anything though. Second activate surfing we had instructors it was easier to catch the wave but then it was hard to stand up. Third kayaking but I couldn’t do it because I had dizziness from the surf board hitting my head. On the third day we did a long walk and then did more surfing we did a quiz whislt on the walk with the Apollo bay students overall it was a good camp.

The winters tale

The Winter’s Tale This Production was set on a Shakespeare’s story that was edited by the directors Rosemary and Carolyn they had found the book and adjusted it to a school production. The story line was about how the winter king got jealous of the Summer king he accused his wife of having an affair and sent her away and set the summer king up for murder. The Queen came back sometime later with a baby the Winter king thought it was the Summer Kings so he sentenced it to death. The baby was going to be killed when the assassins got killed and the baby survived later on the Summer prince meet the baby which was now called Perdita they got married and then later on the Winter king gets his wife back to life from a statue and they get remarried. The production went rather well I was in the Summer part of the play so I did the Bollywood, snake charmer and tree scene. I was really excited and then just before I got on I got very nervous but laughed through most of it. To improve it we could have gotten a better cd player because in the play it went static for a little while but it was ok a few latterns had to be stuck back on the trees but throughout it went well. The behind the scenes people did a very good job they got everyone on stage on time and all the props worked.

Escape from Worryvillie

We had watched a play on the 13th and it was about anxiety and depresstion.

This is Thomas’s lighter and he had been going through depression. He used this and his cigerrets because he thought it would help this lighter was what he used to burn and light his cigerrrets he went through this depression state because his mum had caner he would light the cigerret and sometimes burn himself he thought it would help him get over this state but it would just get him yelled at by his father. He thought it was something that was mean’t to help but then a guy called Huhuna made him realize it wasn’t going to help him and we never found out if he quit but only saw him do that once through the play.

My Ideal School

My Ideal school would have alot of open space not in the centre of town either somewhere where there is not so much traffic.It would have all the esential subjects and some that are fun and also that on sunny nice days instead of being inside you could do your projects outside and writing. But when its raining we need all out class rooms to have big windows to have be able to see outside and also that there will be a farm outside that will have a vierity of animals. You can book in and out of school during lunch and recess hours so you can do what ever you want during thn but come back and book in when class starts. You also have to book things if you want to do something like paintball or horse riding during lunch because their is only an limited amount of equitment. Also you choose your subjects at the start of every term but you might change half way through. The school would have all the equitment needed for sport, horses and etc. Everyone would have little tablets so that they can book in and out of school and they also show you your subjects and you can book the lunch time activity.  When you need to do subjects or get back in time your Tablet warns you with an alarm that is set about 10 minutes before class. The main subjects for life like maths and english will be in your time table but you could also have Horse lesseons. Farm training, cooking, systems, woodwork, art, viscom and music. That would be my ideal school. This is the diagram of the school so far.

My learning goals term 2

I have achieved one of my learning goals with was reading
more books because I have read 12 books last term and they were all 400 or more
pages so I have succeed one of my learning goals because now I can read more easily.
But my other goals still need work I haven’t been able memorize my times tables
or get confident in reading in front of the class but I am a little bit more
confident but not fully confident in reading in front of the class.

Term 2 learning goals.

Get more confident at reading in front of class.

Memorise all my times tables.

Get better at spelling.

To achieve these goals I will start to read my English work
in front of the class more often. Do times tables when I get home get someone
to read them out so I can answer them and do my spelling more than once a week.

Science this year

Science this year was good there was some assiments that we had to do at home and at school like how to survive on other planets and indangered animals and many other things. We also did some things on the compter like surveys and powerpoints are blogs and things like that. We looked through microscopes as well to see cells of plants and animals it we used 2 different microscopes the first one we had to set up a light and like wasn’t as good as the second one. The second was better you could see better and the light was already set up on the mirrior so you didn’t have to set it up that was science this year 🙂