Malaus Linkups- yr 9/10


We had a skype video conference lately (on Tuesday the 11th)  with some people from Malasia we introduced ourself and they also introduced themself to our class these introductions were good to do on skype as we got to introduce ourselfs to them and not just over a chat anf we also got to match the names to the faces.We also did a blackboard collaborate virtual classroom with them aswell this helped for all the questions we had and we also got to share our favourite things like sport, classes and foods. This virtual classroom meant we were also able to use the chat on the side to talk to their students about numerous things like hobbies and what we like to do which showed our personalities.

Some of the things i learnt:

. I learnt how to say hello in a few different languages.

.We learnt their favourite games.

. We also learnt their favourite subjects.

what i found a bit difficult.

I found drawing on the board a bit difficult at times because there was one screen and with many people drawing or writing on it at the same time meant that you didnt really know where to draw as some overlapped and some were drawn over and it really ended up that everyones drawings were all over the place but saying that it was ok because you could still see many of the picture even though they may have overlapped at times.

One question that i still have:

How many different languages do/can you speak in your class?


I would like to link up again becuase it was intresting to learn about them and about their class how theirs was different to ours and what is different about both countries, It was also intresting to meet new people from other countries and talk to them.

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